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Hello from Inner Health Nutrition!

Founded in 2017, Inner Health aims to provide a bespoke service where clients receive individualised nutritional therapy that goes beyond expectations. Elissa, the founder, has had personal experiences with yo-yo dieting, understanding the stress and anxiety that it brings to her client’s life. Clients of Inner Health can expect their entire relationship with food to be transformed. They will find their gut health restored, their intolerances managed, and will settle to their natural, healthiest weight, while gaining new, positive, experiences with food.

Love food and your body with Inner Health Nutrition.

What is the difference between a Nutritionist & Dietitian?

There is a distinct difference between Nutritionists and Dietitians in Australia. While both occasionally offer similar services, a Dietitian is qualified to offer further, more specialised, services to clients. A Nutritionist is a nutritional professional, with a tertiary qualification, that provides a range of evidence-based services in nutrition, public health, policy, research and community health. They are not governed by an industry body in the same way a Dietitian would be.

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