What to expect.

One-on-one consultations to help you.

With Inner Health you can expect a professional, caring, one-on-one consultation to allow us to understand your needs and begin creating your personalised nutrition solution. This will be your first step toward restoring your love for food and becoming your healthiest self.

From the first consultation our dietitians provide you support and education around caring for your body and health which is personalised to you. During your time at Inner Health, you will receive follow-up consultations and reviews to provide support to further build trust with your body and food, so you can meet your health goals.

During your first consultation we will get to know the whole you, through asking about your medical history, diet, lifestyle habits, and current health goals. We will discuss the foods you love and hate and your previous experiences with dieting, to better understand your personal journey around food, eating and health.Through these discussions we complete a detailed nutritional health assessment.

Once the assessment has been completed, we will begin developing a dietary plan that brings together proven strategies and your health goals, personalised for your body, and nutritional needs.

Unlike other dietitians we do not measure or weigh you. We believe that this is unnecessary and can be unhelpful, even if your goal is weight loss.

With a dietary plan in place we offer personalised meal eating guides, combining delicious recipes based on foods you enjoy. We want to help you develop your new eating habits, stress free and sustainably, therefore we can assist with flexible eating guidelines for eating out and when travelling.

From this first consultation you will be prepared to begin implementing the dietary changes, to commence transforming your life, helping you to find a happier, healthier you.

Ensuring the nutrition plan is fitting into your lifestyle is an important step in finding sustainable nutrition solutions. At Inner Health, we know that making changes to your eating habits can be difficult at the start, especially as you move away from diets and move toward Intuitive Eating. With follow up consultations you will find the ongoing care and attention you need to ensure that your dietary plan is as effective as it can be.

The frequency of follow up consultations will be discussed and agreed upon in your initial consultation in order to best suit you and your nutritional needs.

During these sessions your progress will be monitored based on your goals, and we will continue to motivate and help you accomplish these goals. If you need any extra nutritional advice, we will also provide further consultation, advice and answer any questions you may have.

With each session you will see your goals become more achievable. We aim to provide you with a personalised service in each follow up consultation to allow you to receive the best information based on your current situation and goals.