Non diet approach.

Stop yo-yo dieting and choose a weight loss alternative: Intuitive Eating.

For those that are struggling with weight-loss and yo-yo dieting, finding a happier healthier version of yourself is a goal Inner Health’s Dietitians can fulfil. This is not through unsustainable diets, or unhealthy shakes, instead you will settle to you natural healthiest weight through developing your skills in Intuitive Eating.  At Inner Health, we say goodbye to weight-loss programs that focus on size and shape and focus on your happiness and wellbeing, starting with food.

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Food is an intrinsic part of our world. It is more than just something we consume to survive, it is something we share and enjoy with those we love. Instead of trying to take food and the enjoyment of it away, the Inner Health team looks to repair your relationship with food and your body.  Our dietitians are passionate about making eating easy and enjoyable, filled with delicious recipes, not cutting out your favourite foods. Each of our Dietitian’s bring together their 15 years experience to support you towards the what, why and how you eat the foods you eat.  This different approach guides our therapy toward improving your relationship with your body and food to achieve the healthiest version of yourself.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating turns diets on their head. Instead of focusing on your weight, Intuitive Eating looks to improve your health and wellbeing through a positive relationship with food. This comes through a shift in attitude and behaviours around food. 

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There is a flawed idea that food can be good or bad, that having something sweet will harm our body. But food is much more than that. Our bodies are finely tuned to tell us what we need, when we need it, and when we have had enough. Sometimes we need something substantial, and sometimes we need something sweet. Intuitive Eating is all about breaking this mould of good food and bad food, and instead focusing on what your body needs. With Intuitive Eating you enter into a world where food is simple, where instead of fighting your body’s natural instincts you work with them, and where you focus less on weight-loss and more on personal happiness and satisfaction.   

Inner Health Nutrition’s take on weight loss


How We See Weight-Loss

At Inner Health we help you work towards your healthiest self by focusing on your relationship with food and your body,  not the size of your body or the number on the scales.

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Food Freedom can only come when you embrace and enjoy all foods, taking your time to enjoy meals and the company you share it with. Loving food and loving what you eat will allow your body to settle to its lowest weight, through a reduction in non-hungry eating (ie. Emotional eating) over time.

This is very different from traditional dieting and weight loss programs that focus on removing particular foods, calorie counting, or in some cases removing food altogether. But the evidence suggests these methods don’t work. Instead we help you achieve food freedom, helping you find your happier healthier self by restoring your natural love of food.


Our Brisbane Clinic Is A No-Measure Zone

Shifting your mindset away from weight-loss or how much you weigh on the scales and focusing on  behaviours and mindset around food and tuning into your natural body cues, you will feel lighter. So, you will never be weighed or measured in our offices. Instead we focus on helping you develop a positive relationship with food and your body.

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The evidence  strongly suggests that health is not synonymous with weight. Finding the healthiest version of ourselves instead requires us to focus on a positive, sustainable relationship with food, that allows our body to naturally tell us what we need. In fact, research is showing that those with higher Intuitive Eating skills are actually better off than their dieting counterparts in a number of health measures, including weight.


How we help you be your best

Inner Health focuses on food-related education and behavioural changes to bring out a happier, healthier you. You will learn how to identify when you are hungry, when you are satisfied,  and when you are full.

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You will no longer need to sweat about the small stuff like portion sizes and energy values, because you will learn to trust your body to know what it wants and how much you need to feel satisfied. Achieving food freedom and choosing nourishing, nutritionally dense and delicious foods will empower you to take back your health into your own hands. Inner Health’s promise to you is that by learning Intuitive Eating, you are more likely to achieve a stable weight and will feel free to live in your body which will settle to it’s healthiest weight.

Who is Intuitive Eating for?

If you have ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, you are not alone. Many people struggle with diets, our bodies are not designed to diet. Intuitive Eating is designed to work with our bodies, if you lose weight, it will be slow, but it is unlikely to come back on. The results you achieve will be for the long-term, not the short term. Anyone who has tried dieting before will find Intuitive Eating relieving. 

Intuitive Eating will bring relief to anyone who has struggled with: 

  • Unhappiness about their weight 
  • A feeling of guilt or shame around food
  • Finding eating habits that are sustainable in the long term 
  • Feeling like they lack control around food
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A non-diet approach to weight loss reduces the pressures and anxieties that are caused by constant dieting. These pressures can disconnect you from your natural instincts, turning food into a chore, and removing your ability to recognise when you have eaten enough. Taking up Intuitive Eating will turn this around allowing you to love food again while settling to your lightest weight.  


Why can't I just use other diets?

95% of diets result in weight gain after the diet has been completedThey simply do not work, and at worst can hurt your metabolism and psychological health.

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Calorie restricted weight-loss diets are designed to push your body into starvation mode. Your body mostly burns muscle, water and some fat in this mode. Unfortunately, after a period of restriction, your body then counteracts this by putting on extra fat once the starvation period has ended, for protection in case of future starvation. This means less muscle and more fat tissue in the long term, which is not a good outcome for anyone.

Diets are designed with short-term, fast weight-loss in mind, which is simply why they do not work. Intuitive Eating is designed to be sustainable in the long term, and so, achieves long term results without upsetting your body chemistry.