Food intolerances.

Brisbane food intolerance & sensitivity specialists.

The Inner Health Dietitians are specialists in food intolerances and sensitivities, taking the best in scientifically proven nutrition techniques and applying them to your unique situation. We help you with your intolerances and sensitivities by diagnosing the problem and providing you with the tools and knowledge to manage it.

We are FODMAP diet experts.

You may have seen FODMAP and the FODMAP diet before. It can sound scary, but it is not. At Inner Health we are able to help build and customise a FODMAP diet plan for your body while making it easy and enjoyable to stick to.

Often those who need the low FODMAP diet have trouble with fructose, lactose, galactooligosaccaride, or sugar polyols malabsorption. We can help work out your individual tolerance level through trials before creating a customised meal plan. With these meal plans, FODMAPs education programs and support from our Dietitians you will find that the FODMAP diet will not impact eating out or travelling, instead enhancing it.

You will love eating again with the Inner Health FODMAPS diet.

We also work with the RPAH Elimination Diet

For some their intolerances can go deeper than just bowel and stomach symptoms. This is generally natural food chemical intolerance which can affect your gut, nervous system, airways and skin. A FODMAP diet will not be effective at managing these intolerances, that is where the RPAH elimination diet comes in. Our Dietitians work to uncover your tolerance level of particular natural food chemicals including, amines, glutamates, and salicylates, before developing a custom-made diet plan. This includes recipes, tips, and more to help you manage your natural food chemicals intolerances. Each of our Dietitians offers ongoing support for those on the RPAH elimination diet in order to make the diet as easy as possible to manage.

If you find that your body reacts negatively to food, you may find relief and renew your love of food through the RPAH elimination diet.

How we diagnose your food sensitivities / intolerances.

Our Dietitians use evidence-based methods to help you discover the source of your negative symptoms from food. We hold a consultation, discussing the symptoms you have experienced and your current diet. From there we begin testing your intolerances through eliminating certain foods in order to uncover the cause of these symptoms.

Soon after testing we will provide you with the results and begin formulating a new diet plan with you to eliminate foods that your body responds negatively to. We conduct diagnostic testing to address any other toxicity and imbalances in your gastrointestinal tract to ensure that this new food plan accurately addresses your sensitivities and intolerances.

Who we help.

Most of those we help have been struggling with their food intolerances for a long time. Either the condition has been pre-diagnosed, or they are tired of feeling unwell al of the time. Some are unaware that the symptoms they are feeling can go away simply by shifting their diet. If you are suffering with the following symptoms after eating food, then you may benefit from a diet plan with Inner Health. Common symptoms include :

  • Reflux or Nausea
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Headaches, Fatigue or Sleep Issues
  • Eczema, Hives or Itchy Skin
  • Hay Fever, Asthma or Sinus Issues

What is the difference between an allergy and food sensitivity / intolerance?

Food allergies and intolerances/sensitivities differ in the way our bodies react when we eat foods that we are intolerant or allergic to. When you have an allergic reaction to a particular food it is caused by a response from the immune system, whereas it is the digestive system that triggers the reaction for food intolerances. This results in both having very distinct symptoms and reaction times.

Food sensitivities or intolerances are not life threatening, however they have a significant negative impact on the quality of life of those living with the symptoms. They are generally caused by our bodies inability to process and digest certain foods. A food will cause an intolerance when your digestive system struggles to break it down. You can then feel any one of these symptoms:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Cramping
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • And more.

Food allergies are triggered by your bodies immune system identifying a protein you have consumed as an invader. Your immune system then reacts by releasing anti-bodies to fight them. Unlike food intolerances allergies will trigger an immediate reaction upon eating the food and can be fatal. In some extreme cases touching a small amount of the allergen can cause sever reactions. You could experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Hives
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Difficulty breathing, wheezing, dizziness
  • Digestive symptoms like vomiting, bloating or diarrhea.

Can Inner Health Nutrition help me with my food allergies?

Although we don't specialise in allergies, we have an experienced team who are great at helping people in Brisbane figure out what allergies or sensitivities they are likely dealing with. This can include whether the cause of your symptoms is an allergy or an intolerance, and what you may be allergic to. We are then able to assist you in determining what steps you need to take in managing your allergy or intolerance.