Key Kitchen Items to Cook Like a Pro


With an abundance of Instagram influencers and cooking shows inspiring us to cook amazing foods, it can be easy to become overwhelmed when you are a cooking novice. Now that you’ve decided to start cooking nutritious and delicious foods at home, it may be worth considering what kitchen equipment will make your life a little easier. Unsure where to start? Here is our list of kitchen items that will make cooking fun and easy.

The Essentials

A good quality large pan with lid: you’ll need this to make soups, curries and pasta dishes

Non-stick frying pan: to fry and sauté

A sharp knife: don’t forget to buy a knife sharpener too – Ikea sells an amazing cheap one that will have you slicing like a pro

Chopping board: we use a wooden board but any will do

Measuring spoons and cups: find these cheap at shops like Kmart and Target

Set of stainless steel mixing bowls: get a variety of sizes to make salads and to mix ingredients

Small jar with lid: use this to make your own delicious salad dressings – just shake and serve

Wooden spoons, tongs and spatula: for baking, serving and stirring

Colander: for draining and washing your fresh fruits and veggies

Grater: use this to add extra veggies to your sauces, soups and salads

Oven trays: get a few of these to roast veggies and for baking cookies

The Extras

A small powerful blender like a Nutribullet: these are not just for smoothies but can also make easy sauces, spice mixes and pesto

Food processor: this will become your ‘go-to’ when you start making your own bread and cakes as well as chopping and slicing

Whisker: great for beating ingredients for baking but not essential as you can use a fork to start

Additional saucepans: for once you get confident in the kitchen and are making a few things at once

Baking dishes: as you get more confident in the kitchen consider silicon cake/muffin tins and glass baking dishes

Rice cooker: excellent when you want to cook different grains without having to think about timings

Serve ware: such as serving platters, bowls and spoons for when you want to impress your guests with your offerings

Salad spinner: to wash and store your greens so they last

Remember the basics

Remember that buying quality ingredients is the most important thing when starting your cooking journey. Keep an eye out for future blog posts on key staples to keep in your pantry and supplement these with weekly shops for fresh food. Keep it simple to start and gradually build up your kitchen equipment as you progress in your journey.

We would love to hear your questions about cooking. Keep an eye on our blog for more information about stocking your pantry and shopping for fresh produce.

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