How to do Intuitive Eating


Intuitive Eating can be hard to wrap your head around, and if you have only just started your Intuitive eating journey then you have come to the right place. We are going to share with you the first three steps to getting started.

But first, what is Intuitive Eating, again?

Intuitive eating is a way of eating based off of your internal body signals like hunger, fullness and satisfaction. Have you ever been with a family member or friend and after being asked, “would you like the last piece of cake?” they say, “no, thank you? I am full” and mean it! They are what we call intuitive eaters. It sounds simple. But, with years and years of dieting methods and food rules circulating us, it’s not uncommon to not know how to eat! But the good news is, you can learn the skill of becoming an intuitive eater and here’s how:


  1. Start by bringing attention to the act of eating. Mindfulness is a big part of Intuitive eating. Try removing yourself from distractions and bringing your attention to the taste, smell and textures of the food.
  2. Connect with the physical sensations of eating by first exploring what your true hunger feels like What signals is your body sending you? We often support our clients through a body scan and some of the common physical feelings of hunger.  
  3. After you have finished the act of eating, connect with the physical sensations of your feeling of fullness.

At the beginning of intuitive eating, it is less about the WHAT you eat and more about the HOW and WHY you are eating.

Just practising these three tips for the next 3, 6 or 12 months is a wonderful way to grow your skills, as it’s focusing on bringing you towards body awareness and body trust which forms a solid foundation to Intuitive Eating.

If you are interested in further support, please get into contact with our Dietitian Taylor Vickery or join our Facebook group.  

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